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Zenos is a digital development and visual communications agency founded in Šibenik, Croatia by Lucija Grubić as creative director. Zenos has collaborated with many companies and it is outsourcing partners and creative minds locally and globally.


Product & Market Research

User Experience 

Digital Platforms Development

Mobile and Web Design

Brand Identity 

Graphic Solutions 

Visual Communications 

We create content with elaborate cooperation with our clients. Every service can be adjusted to the specific needs so the process of creating the product is progressive for both clients and their customers. 


Our creative process requires a lot of research, communication, visualization, and strategic thinking. We take care of the needs of our clients as well as their customers. As designers and developers, we tend to create a product that is good looking and functional at the same time. Most importantly, we seek a partner, not just a client, to share our vision and mission, so that together we can create something extraordinary.  

A step from ordinary

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