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Kiosk display based app for buying and wrapping gifts.

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Project Manager, Lead Designer

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Twinkle is a business based app that helps with choosing and wrapping gifts in shops such as drugstores that has gift selections in chosen time of the year (Christmas, Easter, Valentine‘s day). The app is adjusted for use on screen kiosk that suits dimensions of 1080 x 1920 px. It is intended to be placed on the entrance of drugstores or such.

Twinkle has a special ability to filter most appropriate gift for both customer and the persons they are buying gifts. It has wide range of products that can be narrowed down by just few clicks on filter icon. Customers can choose gender, age, price range and other filters they need to buy a perfect gift to suit them. After choosing a desired gift, every item inside can be changed if needed. It helps in even better personalisation of gifts in just a few steps. Click - Change - Search - Replace. Before adding gift to a cart, customers can change the wrapping by simply scrolling trough the wrapping items that include paper, paper bags and bows.

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